If you require doorstep collection: 

1. Please email or phone to arrange our volunteer collection 

2. Request a door knock or just leave your bottles in a bag outside your door at appointed time with the completed order form (or email this to us).

3. Your bag MUST be labelled with your name & contact details or we can't refill.   

4. Hand correct cash in a sealed envelope with your name to volunteer collector on collection or return. Alternatively set up transfer to Horsham Quaker Meeting account (Payment details button)


To drop off your bottles:

1. Download & complete the order form

2. Print & put in the bag with your bottles or email to us. Your bag MUST be labelled with your name and contact details or we can't refill for you.

3. Drop off your bag to HQM in the weatherproof plastic box (to left of meeting house doors next to the recycling storage bins) any time.

4. Filling will normally be Wednesday & Saturday mornings 10-12.

5. You can choose to wait (at safe distance) in the building or pop back.  

5. Collect your bag from the box at later time.

6. Preferred: drop correct cash in a sealed envelope with your name & contact details through the Cottage door (right of main doors). Alternatively transfer on line to Horsham Quaker Meeting account. (Payment details button)

We have plenty of spare bottles in a range of sizes. Let us know if you need any.

You will appreciate we are a small team of volunteers and life for all of us during corona episode is challenging! Whilst we will do our best, changes to these procedures may occur.   


There is a lot of trust required for our refill service to work in this way. Please do help us by making sure payment is prompt and all bags are clearly labelled! 

Thank you!