Our Cleaning Refills Service 

Horsham refills service started over 9 years ago as an initiative by Horsham Quakers to provide environmentally friendly products at affordable prices and reduce plastics. It has run in the Quaker Meeting House since. When the Horsham Repair Cafe set up in 2017, we joined forces with Sussex Green Living and provided both repairs and refills in the Quaker meeting house since. In late 2019, the enterprise had outgrown the space and we now operate over two sites: Repairs at The Unitarian Church just a few minutes up the road & Refills which include Earthkind & Eco-vie, remain at Horsham Quaker meeting House.   


We have been running all through the lock down and were offering Refills sessions on many Wednesday & Saturday morning.

During December & January (or while Horsham is in tier 2) no public refills are possible but a few adhoc times may be possible for drop off and collection by pre-arrangement. Please email address below but allow a few days for the team to reply.  

Email: horsham.refillservice@gmail.com

The outside drop off and collection box will not generally be available at this time. Please do not drop off bottles without pre-agreement   

SATURDAY DECEMBER 5th: We hope to be able to run an open refill session for drop in at the Quaker meeting house 10-1pm as usual but check back here for final confirmation and details.  





We generally aim to have all the following products available, though levels of stock and flavours may vary. A few points to note:

* This is a not for profit making enterprise. Prices reflect the price we pay wholesale with a small mark up to cover running costs. 


* There is generally no limit on amount of any product but we reserve to limit amounts taken by one customer if stock levels are low.


* Prices are worked out in units of 50 ml. If the volume of a bottle presented is not in unit of 50ml, our policy is to round up to nearest 50 ml in charging.              


*Washing up liquid

*Hand sanitising wash

*Concentrated Multi purpose sanitiser

(Dilute to use in spray bottles)


*Laundry liquid

*Fabric Softener

*Dish washer tabs

*Toilet Rolls

* Jumbo Kitchen Towel 

(Aloe Vera or Lavender + Geranium) 
*Hair Conditioner
(Coconut or Aloe)
*Shower Gel
(Aloe or Lavender & Geranium)
*Soap Bars
(Tea tree + Lemongrass or Lavender + Geranium