Our Cleaning Refills Service 

Horsham refills service started over 9 years ago as an initiative by Horsham Quakers to provide environmentally friendly products at affordable prices and reduce plastics. It has run in the Quaker Meeting House since. When the Horsham Repair Cafe set up in 2017, we joined forces with Sussex Green Living and provided both repairs and refills in the Quaker meeting house since. In late 2019, the enterprise had outgrown the space and we now operate over two sites: Repairs at The Unitarian Church just a few minutes up the road & Refills which include Earthkind & Eco-vie, remain at Horsham Quaker meeting House.   


One bit of good news during COVID 19!

Though the Repair Cafe sadly has had to be cancelled for the next 2 months, the Climate Cafe hopes to spring up online in April. And we are aiming to keep our refill service running during this time as best we can depending on level of demand.    

We will aim to offer 2 services:

* Door step collection & return to those in isolation or other need.

* Drop off & collection from Quaker Meeting House (HQM) for those able.  

  Horsham Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham RH12 1SL (opposite Sainsburys) 

Our small team of volunteers will be filling bottles on site at Quaker Meeting House at following times:  Wednesdays & Saturdays 10-12 midday   

You can leave your bottles at any time in the weather proof collection box at HQM or drop off on the refill days before 10am & collect after 12. If you want to wait (at safe distance) in person, feel free to do so but there will be no socialising or refreshments.  

EMAIL: horsham.refillservice@gmail.com

PHONE: Helen 07941 338169


Bio D washing up.png
Bio D hand sanitiser.png

*Washing up liquid

*Hand santising wash

*Concentrated Multi purpose sanitiser

Ecoleaf fabric.png


Ecoleaf laundry.png

*Laundry liquid

*Fabric Softener

*Dish washer tabs

*Paper goods

Faith soap.png
Faith lavender shower gel.png
*Hair Conditioner
*Shower Gel
*Soap bars